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LadyBug Designers
LadyBug Designers
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LadyBug Vinyl

We offer a complete selection of Vinyl colors to choose from as well as the following specialty Vinyl:

- Shimmering -
- Glitter -
- Holographic -
- Glo-in-the-Dark -
- Metallic -

Vinyl Examples

Here are some examples of vinyl lettering on LadyBug Sashes.

Purple Glitter

Glitter outlined lettering with a Zebra Border.


Shimmering outlined lettering.


Sparkling Pink outlined lettering.


Basic Glitter Lettering.


Basic Glitter Lettering.

Custom Vinyl

Stop by the LadyBug Designers Store store to have your Vinyl design applied to your personal item.

If you have a question about our Vinyl services, Let us know



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