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LadyBug Designers
LadyBug Designers
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What do you need help with?

How do I tell LadyBugs something regarding the Sash I've made?
Click the 'Addtl. Info' button in the Sash Designer under 'Options'. You will be able to tell us anything you'd like regarding your Sash.
When will I receive my sash?
Typically you will receive your Sash 7 days after you've paid for your order. We do offer Rush and Next Day Shipping to help get your Sashes quicker. When you check out you will have the option of choosing the shipping method and if you'd like to put a rush on the order.
Can I use a different font?
If you would like us to use a custom font that you own, please click the 'Addtl. Info' button under 'Options' in the Sash Designer and let us know. We will contact you to get the font.
Why does my Logo look odd?
Don't worry if your Logo looks stretched in the Sash Designer. We accept many different types of images and sometimes they look kind of stretched or shrunk in the Sash Designer. When we Digitize the Logo we will ensure it looks perfect.
What do I do if my lettering does not fit?
You have a couple of options:

1. You can change fonts to a thinner looking font.
2. You can tell us what you're trying to fit onto the sash by using the 'Addtl. Info' button under 'Options' in the Sash Designer.
How do I order two lines of lettering?
When typing into the lettering field, press the enter key and continue typing.
How can I order several Sashes easily?
After you've added the Sash to your shopping cart you will be given the choice of creating another sash exactly like the one you've just finished. You can then easily change the lettering on your new sash and continue.


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Fabric and Size
Embroidered Vinyl
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Thread Color Vinyl Colors Glitter Vinyl Colors Luminance Vinyl Colors Fashion Vinyl Colors Dazzle Vinyl Colors Neon Vinyl Colors Metallic Vinyl Colors
Lettering Outline
Thread Color Vinyl Colors Glitter Vinyl Colors Luminance Vinyl Colors Fashion Vinyl Colors Dazzle Vinyl Colors Neon Vinyl Colors Metallic Vinyl Colors
Double Border
Use My Logo

Upload your own image. One time fee of ${[{digitizePrice}]} for digitizing

Special Instructions

Upload your design

LadyBug Designers will digitize your custom image for a one time fee of ${[{digitizePrice}]}. Press the 'Select Image' button below to continue.

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Before you upload your custom logo image you need to sign in to the LadyBugs website. Don't worry, it is super easy even if you have never signed in to LadyBugs before.

We need you to sign in for a couple of reasons:

  1. So we know which logo belongs to you
  2. So you can use your logo on any LadyBug merchandise in the future without having to pay another digitizing fee.
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You can give us any special instructions you have or additional information you'd like us to be aware of. Please enter this below and we'll receive it with your Sash order.



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