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LadyBug Designers can support your Pageant System no matter the size. We support local pageants, preliminaries and nation wide pageants.

Become a Partner


We offer the following benefits for partnering with us:

  • We'll work one on one with you to design your perfect LadyBug Sash
  • Consistent Titles, Colors, Fonts and Logos no matter how many Sashes you need
  • A customized ordering page for your Pageant System
  • Discounts based on volume

Our Partners

Here are just some of our partners that exclusively wear LadyBug Sashes!

Galaxy International and LadyBug Designers have partnered to ensure all Galaxy International Preliminaries and Pageants receive the finest Sash, the LadyBug Sash.

Miss Black America Coed wear's LadyBug Sashes exclusively. Their pageant directors enjoy an easy to order custom ordering page with LadyBug Designers

The Miss Black USA Pageant and Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation in the state of Maryland. Both Pageant and Scholorship Foundation was founded in 1986 by Karen Arrington

We are proud to be partners with the Princess America Pageant System. We are the official sash provider for National Junior Teen, National Teen and National Miss Pageants.

Princess of North Carolina wears LadyBug Sashes for all preliminaries and state winners

Southern Elegance Charm and LadyBug Designers have a long standing partnership. All Southern Elegance Queens wear Rhinestoned Ladybug Sashes

United America and LadyBug Designers have been partners for years. Every United America Queen proudly wears their LadyBug Sash.



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