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LadyBug Sash Gallery

Reba McEntire receiving her LadyBug Designers Sash
Reba McEntire receiving her 'Queen of Country' sash created by LadyBug Designers!
Brooke McLaurin in a LadyBug Designers Pageant Sash
Brooke McLaurin, Miss North Carolina proudly wearing her LadyBug Designers Sash!

Princess of America
The lovely queens from Princess of America!

Lindsay Knox wearing her LadyBug Designers Pageant Sash
Lindsay Knox looks beautiful in her LadyBug Designer sash. Shown with large font and crown topper.
Young Miss Carolina-World's Rhinestone LadyBug Designers Pageant Sash
A Beautiful LadyBug Designers sash showing custom font and Rhinestone border.

Princess of America
Another picture of the lovely queens from Princess of America!

Charlie Rosenberg displaying a LadyBug Designers Pageant Sash
Charlie Rosenberg showing off her Princess Of North Carolina Sash and Blanket from LadyBug Designers.
Miss United America LadyBug Designers Pageant Sash
A Beautiful Miss United America LadyBug Designer Pageant Sash!

Tonya Anderson, Ms United America 2013
Tonya Anderson, Ms United America 2013 showing off her beautiful LadyBug Sash!

The 2009 Princess of North Carolina winners displaying their LadyBug Designers Pageant Sashes
LadyBug Designers is proud to be affiliated with Princess Of North Carolina!
Several options available for your Pageant Sash!
LadyBug Designers creates Pageant Sashes for many Pageant Lines. There are many colors, styles and other options available to create your perfect sash. Order your sash now!

A Beautiful Sparkling Sash for the Dazzling Dreamdoll Valentine Pageant!
The Lizemore sparkling Pageant Sash by LadyBug Designers
Sorority Sparkling LadyBug Designer Sash!

A cornerstone of the LadyBug Designers Pageant Sash options,the Sparkling Fabric adds glitz and class to your Pageant Sash. Order your Sparkling sash now!
American Girl Doll LadyBug Designer Sash
Get your little winner a matching American Girl Doll sash for her title! order your doll sash! Remember to choose the 'Doll' size.

LadyBug Designer Crown Pageant Sash
Beautiful Rose embroidered on a Pageant Sash by LadyBug Designers

Flittering Butterfly on a LadyBug Designer Pageant Sash!
LadyBug Designer Train Pageant Sash

Princess of North Carolina Pageant Sash
An Exquisite Crown on a LadyBug Designers Pageant Sash

The Music City Sash by LadyBug Designers
Miss Music City is just one of many custom logos we've done for our clients
Create your own Holiday LadyBug Designer Sash
Holiday sashes are perfect for company parties, get togethers and fun during the holiday season! Order your sash now!

Dreamcatcher LadyBug Designer Sash
Anything your imagination can come up with, LadyBug Designers can create for you. order your sash!

Business Hours 10am-3pm Mon-Fri. Contact Us:     919-749-5617 Payment Options